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Statement of Charges, Police Form


Statement of Charges, Continuation Form

DC-CR-004 Statement of Probable Cause/Arrest on Traffic/Natural Resources/Mass Transit Citation 4/2002
DC-CR-004A Statement of Probable Cause, Continuation Sheet 4/2002
DC-CR-045 Uniform Criminal Citation 12/2018


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A MOU is required, for several important reasons. Primarily, to stop the duplication of tracking numbers (i.e. CJIS Reporting) and to prevent problems that arise when an agency downloads the forms and either continues to use outdated forms, or creates their own version of the form in their RMS, and doesn't keep it updated when the court version gets revised.  As such, a written MOU is put in place to remove liability if the agency uses the wrong form.

The following procedure has been designed for use when a Law Enforcement Agency makes a warrantless arrest (on-view arrest) and presents a defendant to the commissioner. This procedure is instituted to eliminate duplication of tracking numbers.

If you do not have an automated booking system that auto generates tracking numbers, you are required to adhere to the procedure:

Step 1. Officer presents an electronic, completed (typed) Statement of Charges (i.e. DC/CR 2, etc.), including a Statement of Probable Cause (DC/CR 4).

Step 2. An entire manual (blank) carbon copy of the DC/CR 2 with the pre-printed tracking number must be attached to the electronic version of the DC/CR 2. NOTE: If the manual (blank) form is not attached to the electronic version, the commissioner is required to refuse to accept or process the case. In this circumstance, the commissioner will inform the officer that the hearing will only be conducted when the proper protocol is followed; do not continue to Step 3.

Step 3. The commissioner will log the tracking number, defendant’s name and case number on the Tracking Number Log Sheet. It is acceptable to hand write or include the sticky from the middle right of the label page, which includes: defendant name, DC Case No, Criminal Tracking Number.

Step 4. Once the commissioner has verified the tracking number from the manual (blank) carbon copy of the Statement of Charges (DC/CR 2) the commissioner will SHRED the entire manual (blank) carbon copy only. The commissioner will complete the tracking number log sheet to keep up-to-date records by logging it on the form and only shredding the manual (blank) DC/CR 2 form.