Cleaning Up Your Record

Where do I find information about cleaning up my record?

There are three different procedures for cleaning up your court record.

Expungement removes information about your case from court and law enforcement records. It may be available if you were not convicted in your criminal case. If you were convicted, you may be eligible if you were convicted of certain nuisance crimes, or if the act on which your conviction is based is no longer a crime.

Shielding Criminal Records removes criminal records from public view, including Case Search. It may be available if you were convicted of certain misdemeanors. Although removed from public view, the records of the case are still available to law enforcement and other agencies.

Access to Other Court Records. You can also ask to shield information in civil cases, such as protective orders and peace orders. These procedures may also be available to you if you are a victim or a witness in a criminal case and you want to keep your identifying information from the public.


Last updated: August 2018